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Sean Freeman’s Guestbook
Julian Tanner from St Neots, Cambs wrote at 10 May, 2013:
Hi Sean

Am watching Joe Bonammasa live from RAH on Sky Arts and who is there playing Sax! Wow what a gig to get!
Congrats on being part of a great gig!

Phil Jarvis from UK wrote at 18 January, 2013:
Yo Sean,

Hope your well mate!
Fancy do some more playing on our new YCB album?
Would be good to have you along again.

Good luck in Japan!

Phil – YCB

Andy Foster from uk wrote at 17 November, 2012:
hi sean came to the oct show at cliffs pavillion, great gig as allways my brother spoke to you after the show he told you about me being a fellow sax player of which you told him to go get me unfortunatly i was a sleep in the car (to much aclohol) i`am sorry i mist that opertunaty i play a yts62 with a brecker mouthpiece, brecker was obviously a big influenece on you by your sound and i`am sure had he still been with us would of been more than happy to duet with you.great website
Ayuna wrote at 13 November, 2012:
Hello Sean! Great website, congratulations! Especially the "recipe", can’t hep but press the button :)
See you soon!
Tomas Ă˜stang from Stord, Norway wrote at 10 November, 2012:
Thanks a million for a great gig in Haugesund, Norway – finally i got the chance to see Level 42 live on stage, and it was all I wanted it to be! Plus more! You guys played like it was a stadium concert, and gave us all a really good time in your company. All the best to you, hope it won`t be long until next time!
Peace and love, Tomas :)
Reno Renier from Milan, Italy wrote at 10 November, 2012:
From Blue Note. What a show, yesterday!!! Thank you so much for sharing your music with all of us.
Keep in touch!


Reno Renier from Milan, Italy wrote at 10 November, 2012:
From Blue Note. What a show, yesterday! Big energy and a lot of fun for everyone of us! Thanks! Bravissimi!!!!!
Paul Wilson from San Francisco wrote at 3 November, 2012:
Dude, your tone is so nice! You’re definitely are one of the bet sax players out there and can hear Brecker’s influence in your playing. You, Ian Kirkham, Denys Baptist, Mike Smith (Jamiroquai), Courtney Pine, John Wilmott (JTQ), and Ed Jones are some of the baddest cats out there representing the UK sax sceneto the fullest. Keep doing it and inspiring some of us rookie sax players. Good luck with the site, Sean!
Susan Burns from So Cal, USA wrote at 28 October, 2012:
I wish I Wish… I could make the 28th. Great sounds. Love Level 42 and look forward to a So Cal visit someday soon. Enjoying your website.

Thank you and Congratulations!

Steve Perks from Scotland wrote at 27 October, 2012:
You promised me a bag of peanuts.
Send the peanuts, or I’m taking the pictures back.
Raymondo wrote at 21 October, 2012:
Hi Sean,
Pat has done a great job on your site. Best of luck with it !
Ian Macdonald from Glasgow wrote at 20 October, 2012:
WOW !! What a show in Glasgow.Sean,you guys rocked.It was a pleasure to meet you and have a chat.What a buzz I got.

Thanks so much !!

Tonya Parham from Hettenhausen, Germany wrote at 17 October, 2012:
Just a quick note to say how much I love the website. Glad to see the recipe section, even if I have to convert to American measurements (LOL). Continued success in all that you do.
Mike wrote at 16 October, 2012:
You’re great, the website looks great, blah blah, blah…

But, please don’t join the list of annoying-websites-to-avoid – make the music player a user-initiated option, not auto-loaded.

Consider those who have PCs hooked to external amps & speakers with kids (or hookers) in bed late at night. One needn’t suffer the pain of scorching coffee on genitalia for simply opening a web-page – that experience is best left to BDSM sites.

Plus, if one opens a further page in another browser tab, you’ve got 2 different songs playing at the same time.

Then consider the blind, for instance, who may rely on "speaking browsers" that read out web-pages.

I could go on but d’ya know what? I need to find meself a BDSM site before this coffee goes cold.

Fuckin’ lovin’ your (or your bosses if you’re the webmaster) version of Dive Into The Sun.

Good luck – and no, not expecting you’ll publish this.

Ray Boyle wrote at 15 October, 2012:
Hiya Sean,congrats on your new website,see you wednesday in Newcastle.
keith ashley from shropshire wrote at 14 October, 2012:
Looking forward to seeing you play at Birmingham on the 22nd.
Nicole wrote at 14 October, 2012:
Fantastically talented guy!! Super funny and a blast to watch jamming on the stage with Lev!!! See you next weekend in Bristol!! Can’t bleedin wait!! Xxx
ray from broadstairs wrote at 14 October, 2012:
superb concert at Watford, energy and passion .
Linda Trivisonno from USA wrote at 14 October, 2012:
Love Level 42! Have been a fan since the early days! When will you all come to the US? Keep up the great playing!
paul claisse from uk wrote at 13 October, 2012:
Hi mate am going to see Level 42 @ Ipswich on 23rd Oct, saw them there 2 years ago but love games WAYS NOT PLAYED!! Am bringing the missus this time, is it in the playlist this time?? Thanks with hope……
Elizabeth Patterson from Mamaroneck, NY USA wrote at 12 October, 2012:
Hi Sean- I am so happy you have the site completed! It was a delight to read about you and the free sax lesson is awesome! Looking forward to your sharing more stories and recipes. Cheers to your continued success with Level 42 and your other projects (especialy the PB Underground…love the sound of that one)! :)
Stu wrote at 11 October, 2012:
Just watch the socialcam with Pete. He’ll get you into trouble …!
Aura wrote at 11 October, 2012:
Recipes! That is all. :)

Congrats on the official site!

Tim Wiley wrote at 11 October, 2012:
Great new website – congrats Sean!! Looking forward to updates and recipes!! Now come back to America!!!!!
Anna Heathcote from Sheffield wrote at 10 October, 2012:
Well done on the new site Sean, it’s looking great! Looking forward to seeing you play again on Friday! Enjoy the tour and keep up the brilliant sounds.
gabriel oconnell from wales wrote at 10 October, 2012:
well done fella keep up the great work will see you all on 20th in bristol and again on 28 th in albert hall hope you all have a great sucessfull tour good luck and good health ok
Jo and Sam Bagridge from Wickford, Essex wrote at 10 October, 2012:
Hi Sean. Great site to keep up to date on what you are up to. We know you are on the road as we will be seeing you in 27th at Cliffs Southend and 28th at RAH. Sam is coming to both and is sooooo excited to see you and the others. He is doing really well with his Sax and practises a lot !!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration to my boy he wants to grow up and be just like you. See you on 27th.
Gordon Cooper wrote at 10 October, 2012:
Loving your work Sean, not only with 42 but also with Pete, and also your other stuff. Always a pleasure to watch someone who loves what they do, and enjoy it, and portray this to the audience. Looking forward to catching up with you soon in London and Holland, and again if Ascot is on the radar!!!
ian cross wrote at 10 October, 2012:
Hi sean . i will be keeping an eye on this web site thats for sure. im a massive l42 fan and love coming to see you guys play . Its always a pleasure to hear great musicians play with the band and your sax playing is mind blowlingly good .. look forward to seeing you at the manchester gig . Lovin the social cam video clips to with pete r b :-)
Ron Milner from Delaware wrote at 10 October, 2012:
Glad to have found your Webpage. Looking forward to seeing more of what you have