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Sean’s Funky Carbonara

08 Jan Posted by in Cooking With Sean | Comments
Sean’s Funky Carbonara

Another real favourite of mine!! this is my take on the classic Italian spaghetti carbonara.

Most quality recipes will recommend using pancetta, but I actually prefer using good quality smoked bacon and rigatoni pasta instead of spaghetti, but what the hey!!


Six rashers of good quality smoked bacon (cut in strips)
two large fresh eggs and one yolk (free range please)
a four inch wedge of good quality Parmesan cheese, grated (don’t ever use that ready grated shit!!! it tastes like sawdust!!!)
a small tub of single cream fresh egg rigatoni pasta
optional extra small amount of quality bouillon stock


Get a large pan of boiling water and add a drop of olive oil and twist of salt.

Drop in your pasta for required cooking time – if you’re using dried pasta this will take longer.

In a bowl, mix up the Parmesan cheese, two whole eggs and 1 egg Yolk and the cream. Mix well and season with salt and pepper (you can do this beforehand and leave in the fridge).

in a separate frying pan frying your pancetta or smoked bacon. Fry until its done ( I like mine a bit crispy).

When your pasta is properly cooked, drain it very quickly, then replace the lid to retain the heat.

Quickly mix in the cooked bacon or pancetta and the Parmesan egg cream mix.

Stir for your life!!!! Although the egg is raw, the heat in the pan is sufficient to cook it through.

If using bouillon stock, add a little in at this point and hey presto, your carbonara is ready to eat!

Don’t forget to garnish it with plenty of fresh ground black pepper and another handful of ground Parmesan cheese and enjoy!